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Hi, my name is Janosch, I am a 22 years old iOS Developer. I was born and almost have been living my whole life in Cologne, Germany. I’ve made my “Abitur” in mid-2015.

I have always been interested in computers and into software and how it works. I started off using a pretty old and really slow computer with Windows XP installed on it. My first success writing software was using a template in C# and changing a few things to customize it in Visual Basic. However I soon figured out, that C# wasn’t the right language for me. Since I was heavily limited in skills and knowledge, especially on Windows, I started writing Bash-Scripts on my old jailbroken iPod Touch 2G and later 3G. I remember me trying to find Xcode for Windows, since this was the only operating system I was used to and able to access and due to not finding an Xcode version for Windows, I gave up and pretty much turned my back to software development. This was around 2010 when I was about 14 years old. I am not sure how exactly I came back to software development, however I remember asking people and connecting to their Macs via Teamviewer to be able to develop on a Mac using Xcode. This was a few months before I got my iMac in early 2012.


Using my first Mac I wanted to write GUIs for my previously written Bash-Scripts, at least for some of them, however that plan quickly changed. In the first months I did not really do anything productive, I mostly played around with Webviews and Xcode itself, making small, useless applications. At that time I was reading a book on Objective-C, however I skipped many chapters because it was too difficult to understand for me. From time to time I was able to read and understand more and more chapters in that book and I also bought other books and tried to do “learning-by-doing” which was a quite successful procedure.

I have made another longer break from software development and I focused on breaking software, mainly on iOS devices. What I did was loading the executable of iOS games into a disassembler and changed certain instructions to get an advantage in that game. Making a long story short, I learned more and more ARMv7 instructions, knew what they were doing and how to change them to something advantageous. Sharing executables on the internet, which you do not own, is (depending on who you ask) illegal. So I had to come up with a way to patch those games, while writing my own software and make it easy for everyone to use. This is how I got to use theos and this got me started making dynamic libraries. I wrote my first iOS Jailbreak Tweak called ProxyManager, which extends the use of Proxies for iOS and makes it easier to manage them. By creating Tweaks (like AppHeads, SBPowerAlert, OneHandWizard, etc.) and by being able to play around with iOS itself, using cycript and other tools, I really learned a lot about software development in general, about Objective-C, about how certain things work and much more. Assuming I would not have found theos, I would probably not be as good as I am today in many different aspects.

I did not just develop software, I also have been taking a look into web-development. A few years back I got a CD from my dad that should teach me HTML, what he could not know was that I already knew HTML and that it was pretty easy to learn for me (or in general probably). However it came to me quite fast, that I did not want to design websites or take care of the front-end, this is why I use frameworks like bootstrap or framework7 as of today, because you get a decent look easily and then you can focus on the backend. In 2014 I learned PHP and wrote a database class which I am still maintaining and which receives updates from time to time. I also wrote a basic shop system called ShopFix using bootstrap for UI and PHP for the backend. I have also contributed to the backend of Moreover I became familiar with angularJS, a pretty cool Javascript framework, with MySQL, a database management system.



To sum it up, I am heavily interested in both web-development as well as software-development. I like breaking things and figuring out things using disassemblers. I’ve been developing since 2010 and I am dedicated to learn new stuff.

Janosch Hübner