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AppStore Projects

PlayMarks (FREE [has In App Purchases])

PlayMarks adds bookmarking to your favorite Music (you can loop your favorite parts and quickly jump to them)
Website for PlayMarks

Cydia Project Highlights

Phenomenon ($2.99)

Phenomenon is a new and fresh App Switcher that comes with a really innovative and useful design.
Phenomenon on Cydia

Springtomize 3 (iOS 9) ($2.99)

I helped making it compatible for iOS 9. Springtomize3 is the ultimate utility for your iDevice! It's the only customization tweak you'll ever need.
Springtomize 3 (iOS 9) on Cydia

OneHandWizard ($3.99)

OneHandWizard solves one the biggest issues we have all had with newer iphones, especially the 6 and 6 plus => Full one handed use
OneHandWizard on Cydia
Read more on OneHandWizard

AppHeads ($3.99)

AppHeads combines the ChatHeads from Facebook with Multitasking on iOS
AppHeads on Cydia
AppHeads on Github

Other Cydia Projects

igSpeedster (You can choose)

igSpeedster adds lots of useful functionality to speed up your Instagram usage.
igSpeedster on Cydia
Read more on igSpeedster

Tactful (FREE)

Tactful adds 3D Touch support to Cydia allowing you to 3D Touch the icon for shortcuts as well as peeking and popping into Packages. You can also install and uninstall Packages while peeking
Tactful on Cydia

libShortcutItems (FREE)

libShortcutItems is a developer library allowing you to easily add Shortcut Items to third party applications on 3D Touch supporting devices
libShortcutItems on Cydia
libShortcutItems on Github

Photego ($0.99)

Secure your photos using Touch ID. It restricts actions that you can do with photos, it protects against deletion, recover, permanently deletion, sharing and much more
Photego on Cydia
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SafariRefresh (FREE)

SafariRefresh lets you refresh a website by pulling it down instead of trying to reach the top right refresh button
SafariRefresh on Cydia
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WebsiteDataABC (FREE)

This little Tweak adds a switch to the top of the website data in Safari -> Advanced -> Website Data which allows you to switch between sorted by size and sorted by name
WebsiteDataABC on Cydia

DataRoaming Flipswitch (FREE)

DataRoamingFS is a Flipswitch switch which allows you to quickly enable / disable Data Roaming
DataRoaming Flipswitch on Cydia

NotifyMeAgain (FREE)

NotifyMeAgain allows you to delay any notification of any app to delay and show it later again to remind you. You can set a delay for swiping left and for swiping right in the settings and you can change it on the fly
NotifyMeAgain on Cydia
NotifyMeAgain on Github
Read more on NotifyMeAgain

SpotFile ($1.49)

SpotFile allows you to browse your Filesystem very fast and directly from Springboard using Spotlight
SpotFile on Cydia

OMGLowBattery (FREE)

OMGLowBattery displays funny texts and buttons when you get a low battery alert on screen. Inspired by Collegehumor
OMGLowBattery on Cydia

CopyNote (FREE)

CopyNote allows you to copy a Note inside the Notes App by selecting the Note in the Notes list and click on “Copy Note”. It will copy the Notes’ content into the pasteboard for you to paste somewhere else
CopyNote on Cydia
CopyNote on Github
Media on CopyNote

Bitly Manager (FREE)

This Tweak lets you login to your Bitly account, view shortened URLS, short URLS, it uses Action Menu so you can quickly select an URL and short it
Bitly Manager on Cydia
Bitly Manager on Github

MapStep (FREE)

MapStep pauses ‘Now Playing’ Media when the Navigation Voice tells you a direction and continues when the Voice did finish talking. This ensures that you do not miss when the beat drops or miss a part when you listen to a podcast
MapStep on Cydia
MapStep on Github

Duplex Clock (FREE)

DuplexClock allows you to have a second Clock / Time next to your Time in the Statusbar. You can configure the timezone for the second clock (and you can of course manage the first clock using Apple’s clock settings)
Duplex Clock on Cydia
Duplex Clock on Github

CCDock ($0.99)

CCDock allows you to have Control Center in your Dock View! It lets you swipe the icons away and each Control Center Section is a page in the Dock
CCDock on Cydia
Media on CCDock

FlipCam (FREE)

FlipCam allows you to flip your camera by long pressing on it. It was requested on Reddit.
FlipCam on Cydia
FlipCam on Github

MSGAutoSave8 (FREE)

MSGAutoSave8 saves incoming media in the inbuilt iOS Messages app to the camera roll automatically. You can choose options to resize the videos and images and you can also ask for a confirmation alert before saving
MSGAutoSave8 on Cydia
MSGAutoSave8 on Github

Unshaker7 ($0.99)

Unshaker7 allows you to unlock your device by shaking it! You can add an option to overwrite the passcode to automatically unlock even when a passcode is set. For more security you can enable this Tweak only when you are connected to a power source (at home maybe)
Unshaker7 on Cydia

FreeMyCloud ($0.99)

FreeMyCloud is a Tweak that allows you to upload every file on your filesystem to your Cloudapp account
FreeMyCloud on Cydia Shortener for Action Menu (FREE)

It allows you to short links you've selected to a short link which will be put into Pasteboard, so you can copy it anywhere Shortener for Action Menu on Cydia Shortener for Action Menu on Github
Read more on Shortener for Action Menu

InformMe (FREE)

Everything you need to know about your device and even a bit more listed in InformMe
InformMe on Cydia

SwitcherDismiss (FREE)

Automatically dismiss the Multitasking Switcher after a specified time
SwitcherDismiss on Cydia

Proxy Manager ($1.99)

A Proxy Manager for iOS which allows you to easily manage several proxies, add them, edit them, remove them and easily switch between proxies
Proxy Manager on Cydia

SBPowerAlert (FREE)

SBPowerAlert tries to replace SBSettings on iOS 7, iOS 8 and iOS 9. It allows you to quickly respring, go into safemode, reboot, shutdown or lock your device using activator
SBPowerAlert on Cydia
SBPowerAlert on Github

ConfirmKill (FREE)

This tweak allows you to assign a confirmation alert to any application to prevent accidentally killing important apps
ConfirmKill on Cydia
ConfirmKill on Github